Youth Blog: Wilderness of Seasons & Trust

Youth Blog: Wilderness of Seasons & Trust

We just got back from a weekend of camping with our high school students and once again, I’m amazed by how amazing our students are. We entered this weekend with the theme of trusting God in seasons. The idea that life is a rollercoaster and how do we trust him through both the good and the bad. Our student leaders, Christopher Ditchfield, Kaylie Hawn and Sydney Hagaman each delivered a teaching both related to their personal struggles and growth and what God recommends in seasons of challenging times. Each of them delivered a powerful message and helped both the students and adults grow deeper in our faith walk. (Our student leaders truly were outstanding).

Saturday night and Sunday morning, Bethany and I delivered our messages with the same theme. Bethany focused on imaging hope and what does it look like to imagine a day of being with God. I focused on how we’re emotional beings and even leaders in the bible had ups and downs as they were leading. I used a passage from Psalms where David was in the middle of some difficult times, asking difficult questions, and trying to lean into what God is doing in a special season of life for him.

In addition to the spiritual growth, each of us endured over the weekend, we all relationally grew with each other and had an opportunity to build relationships with each other. We did this through activities like hiking, canoeing, capture the flag, and sitting around the fire. It was April in Florida and we still got mid-forties temperatures at night!

Overall, we experience God, each other, and had a great time. What more can you ask for!


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