Youth Blog: Real Life #SeasonsOfLife

Youth Blog: Real Life #SeasonsOfLife

Have you ever walked through something in life and felt like you were going backward or questioning why you’re going through the same thing once again? Bethany and I have felt like this numerous times and this week, it was demonstrated in such a profound way how God uses these moments to teach us something.

As we wrapped up our series “Real Life,” we reflect on the many amazing experiences we had and celebrating the change lives that occurred. Real Life was certainly experienced as we learned what God had to say about drugs and alcohol, relationships, our future, anxiety and depression, seasons of life and so much more. As we set up for Easter, it’s important to understand why God takes us through seasons of remembrance. This was the premise of last night’s final teaching in our Real Life series.

Below are three examples of how some people view life. In the first example, there are people that believe life goes around in circles. Many eastern Asian religions refer this to as Samsara. It’s the concept of reincarnation. There’s birth, life, death, birth, life, death… and it continues for a very long time. In the second example, we look at life as linear. This is probably the most common form of ideology on life. There’s a beginning and there’s an end. However, in God’s concept of how life works, it’s both circular and linear. God creates seasons of life and while at times we seem to be in a circle, we’re still moving forward. In fact, our calendar is setup very similar. In the days of the week and the seasons of the year, we repeat these over and over but we’re still moving forward.


In life, we may find our self in a season of life where we feel like we’re going backward and not moving forward. Bethany used the story of Moses and his Hebrew people wandering the wilderness for forty years. The original eleven-day journey took forty years because God needed them to continue to circle around because he was trying to show them something profound. (Not to mention, when you refuse to be obedient to God, he’ll keep you in a season for a LONG time).

You may be in a season now and asking yourself why God is taking you through this again. God has something profound to show you. So get quiet and listen. You’re still moving forward. God just has something special for you.


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