Where’s the Church?

Where’s the Church?

“Not to be mean but when I’ve needed my church friends the most they seem to be the furthest ones away. It’s not just you, it’s the church in general.”

A shocking text message I received from a friend this week. What is it about struggles that scare “Christians?” Since someone no longer fits into the mold of what’s consider a perfect Christian family we abandon our Christianity? I admit. I’m extremely busy and tired at times to minister. I’m not talking about in my role as a youth director but in my role as a friend. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one. We love accountability when it meets once a week or when we receive an occasional text message. But when it comes to serious life challenges, many would fall into the category of “Woah. Dude. I’ll pray for you.” But anything more might be too much…

By not being there for our friends, are we demonstrating the love of Christ? Did you ever notice how Jesus was never too busy to stop what he was doing to minister? I’m sure the disciples were always looking for opportunities to take the least populated roads to travel because Jesus would likely divert and discuss with anyone in his tracks. When we fail to have a God-filled relationship with our friends, they fail to see Jesus. My friend went on to say, “I know it’s my responsibility but I don’t have much desire to be close to God.” My follow-up response was very similar to my blog a couple weeks ago, “Faith is not a responsibility. It’s a relationship.” After I said that, it made me think about his situation. He’s having relationship challenges. He’s seeking relationship from his friends in the church and is feeling abandon. So I’m here saying Jesus is the relationship and his current view on relationships is skewed.

Where is the church? We (and I strongly say “We”) need to examine our time. Are we too busy to support our friends? What’s more important? I’m asking myself the same questions. It’s easy to say “we’re the church” but are we demonstrating it?


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