Easter through the eyes of Rembrandt – Week 1

Easter through the eyes of Rembrandt – Week 1

Pastor Frank introduced our new Easter Series, “Easter Through the Eyes of Rembrandt.” Ok! That’s different. What does Rembrandt have to do with Easter? Why Rembrandt and not Da Vinci or Michelangelo? It may surprise you to learn that Rembrandt transformed the way the world saw Jesus and has shaped the way you view Him today. Rembrandt’s impact on our perspective of Christ is as important as Martin Luther’s is on our theology. This Easter, Remnant Church will worship Christ through the eyes of Rembrandt – adding a double meaning to “How Great Thou Art.”

In this message, Pastor Frank delivers the importance of Easter and why we celebrate it. This preparation allows us to look at the importance of Rembrandt and his work on how we view Jesus and other stories of the bible.


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