Remnant Church and Ashton Community Fellowship are merging!

Remnant Church and Ashton Community Fellowship are merging!

There is a marriage (of sorts) about to happen at Remnant Church
and you are all invited!

What started out as a casual conversation on October 18th, 2017 between two people in an auto repair shop has quickly turned into the merger of 2 churches. We know that ultimately this plan began in the heavens and that God knows and plans our ways when we will yield to His will.

Remnant Church recently was called to a time of repentance over losing our first love and at the end of that service, Pastor Frank felt in his heart that God had something waiting for Remnant that we were being prepared for. At the same time, the people of Ashton Community Fellowship (formerly Ashton Mennonite) were praying for another church to come along side them and use the building that was dedicated to God some 56 years ago as their congregation had reduced in size and the facility was no longer being used as it could have. A little more than a month later now, we have been through much prayer and many meetings and are ready to complete the merger of our 2 congregations.

Ashton sits on almost 4 acres of beautiful property with multiple buildings on site. The sanctuary seats around 500 with all the chairs in it and has a great fellowship hall, youth room and children’s rooms. We will be putting the entire building to use very shortly and we are all excited to join our teams together to continue digging into God’s Word together as we reach out to the communities around the church.

Along with marrying our 2 churches together as Remnant Church, we will also be moving the Remnant Cafe to this new location. The fellowship hall along with on site laundry and shower facilities make it the perfect location to continue ministering to our homeless friends as this has been the heart of Remnant and also the heart of those at Ashton. They formerly had homeless ministries there and have been longing to bring it back. God is amazing and He is proving it once again by bringing 2 groups of like minded people together as one to accomplish His will.

Our first service together will be Christmas Eve at 4PM. If you don’t currently fellowship with another church, please come join us for our first service together. Following the Christmas Eve service, Remnant will move our services to Sunday mornings. The service time has not been set yet but will likely be around 10:30am on Sundays. The new location is at 2895 Ashton Road • Sarasota, FL.