My New Year’s Resolution- Join Me

My New Year’s Resolution- Join Me

I am not big on making resolutions but I have been praying and God has been prompting me. I want to see God bring spiritual revival to Remnant and to our city and country. It dawned on me that large spiritual movements of God are just a collection of a bunch of individual ones. In other words, God prompted me that if I want to see true revival, it needs to start with me.

I began asking God what I could do that would make 2016 the best year for me, my family, my church family and our community. God revealed to me several months ago than many of us are starving for God’s Word. I will be preaching about this again this weekend. Unfortunately, many of us have never really learned how to study the Bible. It seems at times like a daunting task and we feel overwhelmed. We don’t have someone to guide us and don’t really have a plan. So each January we pick up the Bible and read it for a few days but often that doesn’t last.

I stumbled across a website that will allow all of us to study the Bible together. We will all read the same Scriptures, read a devotional and then just like on Facebook have an online discussion about what we have read. Each day we will experience God’s Word together and hear what God is doing in each other’s lives.

The Devotional that I have chosen is  “365-Day Connect the Testaments Daily Devotional.” Each day there are readings from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and either Psalms or Proverbs. The cool thing is that these readings often connect one to another. Then there is a short devotional that we will read to help us understand that connection. Once you have done the readings for the day you can share your thoughts or ask your questions in our online discussion group. I will moderate the discussions and do my best to help all of us move deeper into God’s Word. The discussion group will include anyone from our Remnant Church family who wants to join.

There is no cost to this study. Everything is online and free. The only cost is your time. It will probably take you 30-60 minutes each day to complete the process. But you can break it up as much as you need to and spread it out throughout the day if you need to. I don’t think you can make a better investment than to commit to studying God’s Word this year. No one can study the Bible for you, but we can sure do it together!

Imagine, in just one year we will all have read through the entire Bible together. What a great goal for the New Year. Decide quickly if you are ready for this commitment- it takes discipline to be a disciple. The study starts this Monday January 4th. If you want to join us, email me, Pastor Frank ( and I will send you an invite to the group.

It is going to be a great year!


Source: Frank’s Blog