Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Student Ministry at Remnant

There are a lot of youth groups to choose from in our area and we’re glad you’re considering Desire the Fire at Remnant Church of Sarasota. Desire the Fire started in October of 2015 when a few students decided they needed a place to have fun, grow in their faith, and worship. Without adult leadership, the students organized themselves and started meeting every Friday night at the pastor’s house to play games, eat food, worship and learn. While these students demonstrated the leadership emphasized by Desire the Fire, they could tell it was too much to do on their own.

Our student leaders play a large role in the curriculum, activities, and overall vision of the ministry. With students helping lead the ministry, you can count on having a place youth want to participate in.

 What can you expect?

  • None of us have it figured out. None of us pretend to know it all.
  • A welcoming environment where you can be yourself.
  • Every Friday, you can expect to play games, eat food, worship and learn something new.
  • We’re all about open discussion. This may be uncomfortable for some. Feel free to sit back and listen. Our students actually like each other and consider themselves friends. This is a great opportunity to see just how we operate.
  • We like hanging out. We might do movies, go to people’s houses, walk around UTC or the beach, go to concerts, go camping, go on retreats, conferences, mission trips, camps, or simply just stay the night with each other. Like I said, we like each other.
  • Chris or Bethany (Guy or Girl) might ask you to grab coffee, or grab some breakfast/lunch. We just want to get to know you better. If you don’t want to, we won’t take it personal. We just love getting to know everyone.

You can keep up with the happenings of the Youth Group by following their Facebook page at

Youth meet at 6:30pm on Friday Nights in the back building at Sarasota Alliance Church. We traditionally finish around 8:30pm.

Upcoming Events:

2017-2018 Annual Calendar

Back to School Beach Bash – Friday, July 28th | 2PM | South Lido Beach

Rock the Universe – September 8th – 10th

Remnant – Permission Slip – 17RTU

Inside Desire the Fire Youth

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