The Wonderful World

When I was about ten years old, I discovered the Wonderful World of Golf. Not the old TV show but the real wonderful world of golf. I fell in love with every thing that had to do with golf. I totally devoted myself to becoming the very best golfer that I could be. Every moment of every day seemed obsessed with something about golf. I played in all weather, all days, and…

My New Year’s Resolution- Join Me

I am not big on making resolutions but I have been praying and God has been prompting me. I want to see God bring spiritual revival to Remnant and to our city and country. It dawned on me that large spiritual movements of God are just a collection of a bunch of individual ones. In other words, God prompted me that if I want to see true revival, it needs to start with me.…

Explore and Encounter

So as we have been praying through and planning Remnant, God has led us to have two services on Saturday nights. We developed this process after considering the early church. I was intrigued by Philip Schaff’s multi-volume, The History of the Christian Church. He describes worship services during the early church and we have been influenced by those who have preceded…
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